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One of the most critical tools in instigating self-awareness, behavioural change and improved productivity in the workplace is Emotional Intelligence. Today there is increasing demand from employees and managers not just for technical skills but also for cognitive and emotional stability, adaptability and control, all of which are highly critical to success in the workplace. With Emotional Intelligence strategies individuals can exponentially increase their ability to effectively manage the constant challenges from business associates as well as customers.

Change Your Productivity Narratives!

Develop Emotional Intelligence Skills

The Emotionally Intelligent YOU!

Emotional Intelligence is increasingly becoming a critical skill set in the workplace. Much of this can be ascribed to the pace of the world and our environment which makes more and more demands on our cognitive and emotional resources. Your ability to deal effectively with your emotions in the work place is critical to your success as an individual and as a team member.

The Emotionally Intelligent Manager

The irony for most newly appointed managers is that the skills and qualities that earned them the promotion are very different from those that will serve them well as a leader, and they’re often left to figure it out on their own — usually unsuccessfully.
It is imperative for managers and leaders to develop competencies they need to lead in the modern workplace and grow viable people skills essential for success in their roles.

Managing Conflict With Emotional Intelligence

Our individual configurations seem to already set us up for conflicts. The colleague who puts emotions first before facts. The boss who comes across as insensitive and unsympathetic. The colleague who does not like to be wrong and never apologizes. Whatever it is, there are tools with which these scenarios can be effectively managed.

About Olive & Pearce

We are a Productivity & Learning Company. We help individuals & organizations identity & curb behavioral barriers to achieving set objectives. Through a selection of processes as Productivity Audit, Consulting and Learning interventions, we help our clients sieve through productivity related fuzziness, unproducitive motion and/or tendencies. Our approach is all encompassing, integrative and trackable.

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