The concept of employee productivity or the lack of it is very multifaceted hence the need to approach it from a truly holistic standpoint. To do otherwise would be to be presumptious, generate erroneous prescriptions, act on the same and ultimately yield failed outcomes.
Our diagnostic approach allow us drill through to the source of your workplace productivity issues. We take a look at the interconnected angles and factors which impact on productivity. Our solutions are typically based on the outcome of diagnosis on the following:

Corporate Culture consisting:
Internal Communications
Reward & Compensation

About Olive & Pearce

We are a Productivity & Learning Company. We help individuals & organizations identity & curb behavioral barriers to achieving set objectives. Through a selection of processes as Productivity Audit, Consulting and Learning interventions, we help our clients sieve through productivity related fuzziness, unproducitive motion and/or tendencies. Our approach is all encompassing, integrative and trackable.

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