Are you tired of lack luster results from your team? …Tired of ‘almost there’ and less than average outcomes?

Do you want a team of associates who consistently produce results, meet and surpass business expectations?

If this sounds like you…then keep reading

Do you wish you had a team of associates:

  • Who can self-lead without expecting to be micro managed;

  • Who are given to a growth and agility rather than a fixed mind set;

  • Who can extend themselves, stretch and achieve bigger;

  • Who can take initiative and are self-motivated;

  • Who have a right attitude to work and given to extending themselves;

  • Who can apply themselves to critical thinking and solving business problems;

  • Who can focus effectively on objectives and see tasks through to a logical conclusion;

  • Who are self-aware, confident in their abilities and can play to their strengths;

  • Who are sharp, creative, witty and highly productive;

  • Who are willing to learn and are able to learn fast;

  • Who are willing to meet/achieve and excel business objectives?




The World Economic Forum continue to stress that new soft skills will be essential for driving businesses now and in the years to come.
As both nature of work and organizational structures change rapidly, the need for employees to work at the peak of their effectiveness continue to increase.
This course will unveil what it means to stand out and make a mark in result oriented environments. •It highlights critical competences in delivering real value on the job and excelling. •It also offers a deep dive into reasons why businesses thrive or die on account of the talent that they have – or not. •But more importantly this course is designed to instigate the desire to being a ‘sought after’ talent; one that makes a definite impact on the success outcomes of the organization.


Articulate the essence of an achievement orientation;

Identify and break unproductive limiting behavioral patterns;

Acquire creative and critical thinking skills for flexibility in actions, problem solving and innovation;

Develop an agile and growth mind-set for adaptability and change in a disruption;

Identify the connection between your personal effectiveness and business performance;

Develop an ownership mentality and performance driven mind-set;

Be effective without undermining your boss’s authority or unduly revealing her weaknesses 

Be an invaluable contributor to the team and to the overall success of the organization


Olufunke ADIO
Helps individuals, teams and businesses extend themselves, produce more & EXCEED their goals.

She does this through, Speaking, Training, Facilitating, Consulting and Coaching. 

Known for her timely and flawless execution;
Respected for her exceptional work ethics;
Regardless of task, job or project, platform or scope, she simply delivers;
Has held roles as E-learning Executive, Store Manager, General Manager, Sales Manager, Training Manager, HR Manager across IT, Media and Consulting sectors; 
Highly result oriented;
Employed with four organizations;
After exit, was recalled and extended new offers by all four organizations.

Obtained a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Ibadan; 
PGD in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from the University of Ibadan;
Certified Management Trainer [CMD];
Certified Human Resource Professional;
Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria [CIPM];
Certified Behavioral Consultant [DISC] from the Institute of Motivational Living and People-Keys Ohio, USA;
Certified Emotional Intelligence Specialist;
Certified John Maxwell Leadership Trainer;
Certified Customer Service Professional from the ROCKHURST University Continuing Education Center, Inc. USA.
Enthusiast: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Writer of over eighty articles around themes as Agility, HR, Emotional Intelligence, Productivity, Quality Service & Leadership;
Author: ‘A Little Girl Inspires’;
Creator: ‘I CAN MEMORIZE!’ Interactive Resource pack for children ages 1-10. 
Previous Editor of leadership focused publication ‘The CASON’;
Graphics designer of 16 plus years;
Web designer of 14 plus years;

With an impressive capacity for growth and improvement, Olufunke Adio relentlessly drives the idea of continuous learning through all of her learning interventions instigating her audiences to extend themselves and maximize opportunities by adopting a resilient and growth mindset. She is in high demand in speaking to and addressing teams on Personal and Business Agility, HR upskilling, High Performance and other Productivity related themes.

Olufunke Adio was a co-facilitator on the capacity building intervention delivered in the first ever Virtual Staff Upgrade exercise of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN. 


Module One: Talent Imperatives in Today’s World of Work

Articulating on-going disruptions and its impact on business today
The people code: what really sets organizations apart?
Overview of workplace cultures
What do business leaders really want?

Module Two: The Value of Sound Work Ethics

Under workplace surveillance – Guess who’s watching?
The danger of blending in; Benefits of sound work ethics
Driving Authenticity: your LinkedIn profile & you; one & the same?
Indispensable you?: Delivering value
Standing out – Why must you be on the team – by all means?

Module Three: In Pursuit of Excellence

Service Orientation & Excellence driven mind-set
Popular Mindsets & Productivity Killers
Staying productive even if you do not like your job
Staying productive even if you do not like your boss

Module Four: Optimize for Productivity: Going Above and Beyond

Bringing all of yourself to work 1:
The power of Self-Awareness;
Bringing all of yourself to work 2:
Recognizing work patterns, potentials and playing to your strengths
Gaining focus, beating procrastination and distraction in an era of distraction.

Module Five: Agility, Adaptability, & Growth

The Big Deal about Growth
Agility and Growth Mindsets for the world of work today
Improving your Curiosity Quotient
Fixed versus Growth Mindsets
Framing & Re-framing techniques; Getting out of the lackadaisical rut
Personal growth & professional development : Shortest pathway to attaining your career aspirations

Target Audience

Lower & Mid-Level Workforce
Teams & Team Leads
All interested individuals looking to make impact & climb the career ladder quickly

Course Duration