I have observed, that the quest to quickly create and push course content online without ample consideration for delivering on quality can ultimately put course creators in a disadvantaged place.

While a whole lot of course creators are doing great and delivering consistently on value, some others – not so much. Errors abound. Many of which surprisingly escape the scrutiny of the big players like Udemy. I suppose that the level playing ground provided by the internet and availability of free and/or affordable software makes this an even more frequent phenomenon than one would’ve hoped for.

From lackluster videos to terrible audio and whacked delivery, many course creators come off like they could do with a whole lot more learning vis-à-vis conveying their content in more meaningful and impactful ways.

Even course creators who know their onions and have deep expertise in their technical areas make mistakes that are actually avoidable.

This isn’t surprising considering that having expertise in a core area and having ability to deliver the content to an audience are two separate capabilities altogether.

I believe that course creators do themselves a whole lot of disservice where they fail to extend themselves and project a reasonable degree of professionalism and/or competence where their delivery is concerned.

My hope with this e-book is to shed light on some of these errors and provide simple – yet viable recommendations to get past the mistakes, so course creators can do more and ultimately earn more!