HR professionals who are not adaptable are potentially dangerous to their organizations! Even worse, their career growth trajectories will be affected negatively. With the dizzying rate of change now evident in the world, HR has to do things differently – embracing new mindset, attitudes and behaviors.


Without a doubt, being adaptable and agile with respect to HR processes, practices and policies have never been more important than it is today. The impact of technology, multiple demographics, shifts from full time to remote work on the world of work make these shifts deeply critical. 
Being responsive to rapid change speaks to Agility and AGILE [as a value concept] has interestingly become highly relevant beyond the tech environment. Today, we see more and more functions adopt AGILE practices to enhance their value delivery. Increasingly, AGILE as a methodology/framework continues to show us what it means to be collaborative, flexible, adaptable and to continuously create value.
In this course, I share salient knowledge and principles which I have gleaned on my journey in Agile and HR, some of which I have had opportunity to share with business and HR professionals across several platforms both local and international.
Specifically, I will be sharing with you:
1. Critical Agile values and principles which have the most impact on the HR function
2. Practical ways in which HR professionals can gain highly adaptable and flexible skills in order to create the most impact on business outcomes especially within a highly disruptive environment.
This course addresses critical gaps in the HR domain. By providing viable resources and tools to effect real change and succeed at it – for the long term.
Section 1: Welcome to The AGILE HR Course

Section 2: Introduction

Section 3: Agility, AGILE Methodologies, Values and Principles

Section 4: Agile HR – What is it?
Section 5: Personal Agility for HR Career Progression
Section 6: Agile HR in Practice
UB-GDP Growth Mindset Model 

GO-CALL Personal Agility Model 

MindSHIFT Articles 

Section 7: Agile HR Teams

Section 8: Agile Employee Experience

Section 9: Building Organizational Agility

Section 10: Fostering an Agile Culture
Section 11: Four Point Approach to People Agility


Personal Agility Assessment  

Leadership Agility Assessment 

IPBI Leadership Agility Framework 
Team Agility Framework 
2PL Agile Culture Model 



Section 7: AGILE HR Teams 

Section 8: Agile Employee Experience

Section 9: Building Organizational Agility

Section 10: Fostering an Agile Culture
Section 11: Four Point Approach to People Agility




Describe the value of Agile in today's complex, disruptive and ambiguous environment

Articulate the value of Agile principles, values and methods in delivering HR value

Appreciate the critical differences between traditional/rigid postures and Agile HR practices

Describe the value of Human Centric Employee Experience to overall HR service delivery
Explore Agile project management methods and techniques in designing and executing HR initiatives

Establish the fundamental value of an Agile Mindset in designing policies, processes and building agile practices and culture within their organizations. 

Eliminate HR related risks to organizational performance 

Manage change iteratively whilst delivering early value to internal customers and stakeholders 

Readily identify traits of Agility in candidates and potential employees
Gain nimble, adaptive, responsive skills and competencies to sustain business agility, growth and resilience.

Target Audience:
1. All cadre within the HR function will benefit from this course.
2. Interested individuals.

Hello! I’m Olufunke Adio – Your Course Instructor

Olufunke ADIO is an Agile Culture Transformation Architect. A Certified Behavioral Consultant and Management Trainer. International Speaker. Alumnus, Institute of Motivational Living OHIO, USA. HR Coach and Faculty Member, Chartered Institute of Personnel Management Nigeria CIPMN. Member, Learning And Development Network International [LDNI], Advocate for Workplace Psychological Safety and Mental Health/Wellness. Agility and Growth Mindset proponent. Creator of the GO-CALL Model for building Personal Agility, UB-GDP Model for achieving a Growth Mindset and IPBI Model for Leadership Agility.


Olufunke Adio is an Agile Culture Transformation Consultant, a Certified Behavioral Consultant, and Certified Management Trainer. An Agile SCRUM Certified [SFC] Professional, she is a sought-after speaker on Personal and Organizational Agility. A vivid representation of what it means to be Agile and with a strong knack for learning new things quickly, she has spoken on several platforms including the Access Agile and Agile20Reflect Festivals where along with Agilists across the world drove conversations around driving the Agile/Agility agenda. The creator of the GO-CALL Model for building Personal Agility, UB-GDP Model for achieving a Growth Mindset and IPBI Model for Leadership Agility, she continues to speak actively at conferences and events sharing her knowledge and perspectives on the critical themes of Agile and Agility and associated relevance for thriving in a disruptive era.
Having started her career in Tech as an E-learning Executive, she has shared extensively on the concept of Digital Agility across platforms like the Nigerian IT Professionals in Canada [NIPCA], EKO Innovation Centre, the Learning and Development Network International [LDNI] amongst several others.
After leading a team of creatives at the same IT firm and becoming a ‘Digital Buff’, she later delved into Human Resources. With a cumulative work experience of about 20 years across, Consulting, Media and Technology sectors, her HR 15 years of cognitive experience in HR has had her function as a Generalist, a Specialist in Learning and Development and Consultant where she effected HR Audits and Structuring projects for Multi-nationals as well as Indigenous organizations in Nigeria, ascertaining the viability of their HR processes and practices against best practices, professional criteria and compliance.
A member of faculty with several Management Consulting Firms along with Chartered Institute of Personnel Management Nigeria [CIPMN], Olufunke Adio was a co-facilitator in the capacity building intervention in the first ever Virtual Staff Upgrade exercise of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN in 2020.
With a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Ibadan as well as a PGD in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management also from the same university, Olufunke Adio obtained a Professional Diploma in Human Resource Management and is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria [CIPMN].
She obtained a Certification in Behavioral Analysis from the Institute of Motivational Living and People-Keys Ohio, USA; is a Certified Specialist in Emotional Intelligence as well as in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; A John Maxwell Certified Trainer and Speaker [ICAN Maxwell Africa]. She also obtained a certification in Customer Service from the ROCKHURST University Continuing Education Center, Inc. USA.
Olufunke Adio is the author of two books and several published works including some eighty plus articles on themes as Learning Agility, Leadership Agility, Growth Mindset, Developing Resilience, Digital Agility, Building Creativity and Innovation Culture, HR, Transformational Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Productivity and Quality Service Delivery. Some of her papers, ‘SME, HR and the Agile Imperative – A COVID-19 Perspective’ and ‘Driving Agility and Behaviours-The Role of HR and Leadership’ have been featured in CIPM Journal [2021] and CIPM’s People First Magazine [2022] respectively.
A Mental Health Advocate, Olufunke Adio contributes to pushing the Mental Wellness agenda across multiple platforms and actively supports mental health groups, projects and initiatives leading conversations and mindset shifts around Resilience, Productivity and Overall Mental Wellness. She’s also served as mentor with the Inclusivity and employability project of the CIPM and Sight Savers.
Olufunke Adio is the Lead Consultant at Olive and Pearce, a Learning and Agile Culture Transformation company where she assists her clients through, Speaking, Training, Facilitating, Consulting and Coaching.

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