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Creating and Selling a digital product like an Online Course
can be daunting especially for trainers and facilitators like myself used to the idea of delivering in-class sessions.
The good news is that these things can be learnt! I have had to learn a few [wink!] things myself on this journey and I’m confident you can too!
And Hey! I’m here to help so…RELAX, grab a chair and check out this incredible-you-won’t-get-anywhere-offer!


Is creating an online course expensive? 

How much does it take to build and launch an online course?
Do I really need a website?
How long will it take to create my online course?
Where is the best place to host my course?
What if I don't get tech? 
Will I require a Marketing Strategy?
Can I outsource?
Will I sell?
Will I need maintenance?

Will it be worth my time?


Video Courses
Scope of Online Course Creation
Popular Frameworks for Selling Online Courses
Tools, Software & Equipment
Demonstration: How to Host your Course on THINKIFIC. And so much more!!!

13-No-Rambling-Straight-to-the-Point Modules [Screen Shots]


Course Welcome and Instructor Introduction

  • A Very Warm Welcome!

  • Introduction

Exploring Online Courses

  • Why Online Course

  • Exploring Online Courses: Lessons & Gleanings

  • Not Techy

Mistakes Course Creators make and How to Fix it

  • Analyzing The Issues

  • Mistakes & Fixes

Getting Started

  • Scope Of Online Course

  • Concept Of Outsourcing

  • Is Putting Out An Online Course Expensive

Creating your Course

  • Determining Commercial Value Of Your Course

  • Udemy Marketplace Insights

  • Choosing Your Topic

  • Crafting Your Topic For Impact

Course Design

  • Determining Delivery Format

  • Creating Your Course Outline

  • Designing Your Slides

  • Creating A Flow

Course Production

  • Course Production Overview

  • Video Production

  • Audio Production

  • Personal Delivery in Production

  • Tools Software & Equipment

Screencasting Powerpoint Slides & Screen

  • Introduction to Screencast-O-Matic

  • Screen/Power Point Slides Recording with Screencast-O-Matic

  • Recording Scripts & Narrations [Part -1]

  • Recording Scripts & Narrations [Part -2]

  • Video Editing with Screencast-o-matic

Course Hosting on Thinkific

  • Introduction to Thinkific

  • Creating your Online School – Part 1

  • Creating your Online School – Part 2

  • Creating your First Create Course – Part 1

  • Creating your First Course – Part 2

  • Creating your Landing Page – Part 1

  • Creating your Landing Page – Part 2

  • Payment & Student Enrollment – Part 2

  • Payment & Student Enrollment – Part 1

Facebook Ads

  • Understanding Facebook
  • Understanding the Facebook Algorithm
  • Understanding the Facebook Algorithm and News Feed
  • Understanding Facebook Ads
  • Creating your Facebook Ad
  • Facebook Targeting
  • Facebook Tracking and Reporting
  • Facebook Privacy and Security

Marketing your Course

  • The Concept Of Sales Funnels

  • Email Marketing Systems & Sales Funnels

  • Determine Your Lead Magnet/Free Product

  • Sales Funnel Software

  • Creating A Landing Page

Selling/Launching your Course

  • Approaches To Selling Online Courses

  • Deciding Your Course Price

  • Launching Your Course

  • Receiving Payments

You Absolutely Need this Course if you…

Want to expand the scope of your work and earn additional income by leveraging the scalability of digital platforms.

Want a simple instructional guide to remove all the complexities surrounding online course creation today.

Want to explore and understand the online course creation process.

Are interested in DIY techniques but do not have the time to investigate relevant areas within the digital course creation space.

Want to avoid a trial and error approach to course creation especially in expending humongous resources and hard earned funds on tools, products, resources and platforms.

Are on a budget and want to know what it takes to get your online course up and running quickly.

Have the budget but would rather D.I.Y.

Want to gain appreciation of technical jargons used by digital contractors as well web developers and digital marketing contractors.

Are simply interested in learning something new.

6th – 20th April 2021

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Hello! I’m Olufunke Adio – Your Course Instructor

Teacher, Trainer & Facilitator 

Workforce Transformation, Growth Mindset & Agility Coach
HR Professional & Behavioral Consultant


First Job as E-learning Executive

Website Designer of over 14 years [Designer, www.oliveandpearce.com; Landing, Sales & Opt-in pages

Web Host Administrator/Domain Registrar

Interactive Application Designer -'ICM': Software fitted with games, audio, video, animation, stories and activities and is targeted at a younger demographic.

Graphics Designer of over 16 years

Copy Writer & Content Creator

Immediate Past Editor: The CASON Leadership Publication 

Author of 2 books & Writer of over 80 Articles on themes as Agility, Learning & Growth Mindset, Digital Agility, HR, Emotional Intelligence, Productivity, Quality Service & Leadership  

Instructional & Curriculum Desigher  
…Helping People EXTEND themselves & EXCEED their Goals

Testimonials…Experiencing Olufunke Adio’s Work

  • "...The additional slides were great, the message was crisp, your voice was clear. I am looking forward to the full course. Would like to attend the full course!“ Review: Leadership Agility Online Course-Draft

    David Brown
    David BrownPrincipal Analyst, dbrownconsulting & International Consultant, The World Bank
  • Your designs are...Whao! I have been to your landing page and I like what I see. You did all the designs right?! I'd like to learn design from you. Well done.      For: A-Z of Creating your First Online Course

    WilliamsEntrepreneur, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Great and inspiring session. Thanks Olufunke Adio for the opportunity to learn from you. What we learnt tonight is a full course in an MBA program. NIPCA members are thankful, excited and fired up to be their best in all their spheres of influence! Course: Making Exponential Leaps in Work & Career: Gaining Learning Agility & Growth Mindset

    Osita Nwajiufor MBA, CISM, SAP, ITIL, MCTS
    Osita Nwajiufor MBA, CISM, SAP, ITIL, MCTS SAP/Business Transformation Consultant; President, Nigerian IT Professionals in Canada
  • This is a unique product you have released into the Nigerian market. God bless your team as you continue to add value to the development of our great nation. For: ICM Pack with E-learning Interactive Application

  • It was a great session. Olufunke really broke down the differences between growth mindset and fixed mindset, using practical scenarios, as well as its applications in the workplace. Great session. Gaining Learning Agility & Growth Mindset Session

    Chinedu Nwoke
    Chinedu Nwoke Improvement Manager at TreeHouse Foods, Canada
  • I have seen the product and I must say it is a very creative work. I respect creative efforts and I commend you. I hope you will be coming up with other themes aside this. For: ICM Pack with E-learning Interactive Application

    FUNKEHarvesters International Church Lagos, Nigeria


Tips for Non-Techies!

Popular Outsourcing Elements
Receiving Payments


What if I have issues with payment?

You may make a direct transfer to our bank account at Olive and Pearce. We’re just an email away at info@oliveandpearce.com

When will I get access to the course?

You will access the course after the launch date and once your payment is confirmed

How many lessons are there?

There are 11 modules with 35 lessons spread across all the modules

How long will it take for me to complete the course?

The course is self-paced and you can take the course at your own pace

Who is this course for?

Those who crave clarity vis-a-vis the entire online course creation process;
Trainers and facilitators who want to extend their current work outcomes by leveraging on the strength that digital platforms provide;
Anyone looking to make a business from online course creation.


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