The rate of change in the world today is unprecedented. These changes are compelling organizational evolution in diverse shapes and forms. Responding, organizations are initiating digital transformation projects and developing new business models amongst others. Overall, several elements are being harnessed in a focused and directed manner.

More importantly, they are driving a need for a different kind of workforce. Why? Because for organizations to win, their workforce must have a different kind of mindset and orientation; they must be ready to approach business challenges from a whole new perspective.
Organizations are therefore requiring a workforce that is innovative, learning agile, growth focused, resilient and with ability to sense, seize and access opportunities.

Discerning organizations are looking to build these capabilities and heighten competency levels in readiness to attend to evolving customer needs and ultimately win in the market place.

A New World of Work, Worker & Workplace!

Would you want to have a Team of Associates:

  • Who can self-lead without expecting to be micro managed;

  • Who are given to a growth and agility rather than a fixed mind set;

  • Who can extend themselves, stretch and achieve bigger;

  • Who can take initiative and are self-motivated;

  • Who have a right attitude to work and given to extending themselves;

  • Who can apply themselves to critical thinking and solving business problems;

  • Who can focus effectively on objectives and see tasks through to a logical conclusion;

  • Who are self-aware, confident in their abilities and can play to their strengths;

  • Who are sharp, creative, witty and highly productive;

  • Who are willing to learn and are able to learn fast;

  • Who are willing to meet/achieve and excel business objectives?



Articulate the essence of an achievement orientation;

Identify and break unproductive limiting behavioral patterns;

Acquire creative and critical thinking skills for flexibility in actions, problem solving and innovation;

Develop an agile and growth mind-set for adaptability and change in a disruption;

Identify the connection between your personal effectiveness and business performance;

Develop an ownership mentality and performance driven mind-set;

Be an invaluable contributor to the team and to the overall success of the organization


Olufunke Adio started out her work life as an E-learning Executive. She went on to lead a team of creatives at the same IT firm before she delved into Human Resource. She has a cumulative work experience of about 20 years across Consulting, Media and Technology sectors. With a penchant for understanding human behavior and motivation she has since evolved to become a Certified Behavioral Consultant, a Workforce Transformation Expert, a Certified Management Trainer and Agility Coach.
A woman of many parts; a queer blend of the Creative and the Analytical, Olufunke Adio is a sought-after speaker on Personal and Organizational Agility. A vivid representation of what it means to be Agile and with a strong knack for learning new things quickly, she has spoken on several platforms including the Agile20Reflect Festival, [a global platform where she along with Agilists in Nigeria and across the US and UK drove conversations around driving further the Agile agenda], The Nigerian IT Professionals in Canada [NIPCA], Chartered Institute of Personnel Management Nigeria [CIPMN], the Learning and Development Network International [LDNI] amongst several others.
A Productivity buff with a strong bent for execution, Olufunke Adio brings to bear a keen sense of recognizing workplace performance gaps, productivity related fuzziness, un-productive motion and/or tendencies. A teacher at her core and with her practical and transformational learning interventions, she helps individuals, teams and businesses extend themselves, produce more and EXCEED their goals. She has implemented both companywide interventions as well as executive coaching for organizations as:
The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, African Re-insurance Corporation, AIICO Insurance, Sovereign Trust Insurance, ABUJA GRADUATE SCHOOL, FACTBase Consulting, MAVEN Williams, LAGOS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY [LCCI], amongst several others.

With a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Ibadan as well as a PGD in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management also from the same university, Olufunke Adio obtained a Professional Diploma in Human Resource Management and is anAssociate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria [CIPMN].

She obtained a Certification in Behavioral Analysis from the Institute of Motivational Living and People-Keys Ohio, USA; is a Certified Specialist in Emotional Intelligence as well as in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; A John Maxwell Certified Trainer and Speaker [ICAN Maxwell Africa]. She also obtained a certification in Customer Service from the ROCKHURST University Continuing Education Center, Inc. USA.

Olufunke Adio is the author of two books and several published works including some eighty plus articles on themes as. Learning Agility, Leadership Agility, Growth Mindset, Developing Resilience, Digital Agility, Building Creativity and Innovation Culture, HR, Transformational Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Productivity and Quality Service Delivery.
She is also a contributor with WorkBooth Magazine, a Pan-African Online Publication with focus on Business and Organizational Management.

A Mental Health Advocate, Olufunke Adio contributes to pushing the Mental Wellness agenda across multiple platforms. She currently supports a group of Special Needs Moms under the Auspice of the Diary of the Special Needs Moms Initiative actively leading conversations and mindset shifts around Resilience, Productivity and Overall Mental Wellness.

Olufunke Adio is the Lead Resource Person at Olive and Pearce, a Workforce Transformation and Productivity company where she assists her clients through, Speaking, Training, Facilitating, Consulting and Coaching.


Module One: Navigating Disruption

Disruption as the new normal: Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution!;

The emergence of whole new industries and a new world of work!;

Adoption and evolution of values, behaviors and capabilities for adaptability;

Creativity and resilience with dealing with complexity, uncertainty and change;

Fearsome Disruption: Rapid Changes, Multi skilling & frequent obsolescence of skills

Module Two: Wired for Change?

How employees are responding to changes;

Your Agility disposition and why it matters;

How you should be responding to the change and disruption;

The role of personality and behavioral patterns in change; DISC Model;

Modifying behavior

Module Three: Inspired by AGILE

The Age of AGILE;

What is an Agile Mindset?;

AGILE, Agility & Agile Mindset-Clarifying the difference;

Agile Mindset for a Disruptive Era;

The imperatives of Agile Practices for today’s organization

Module Four: Breaking Limiting Mindsets

Identifying & Modifying Limiting Mindsets;

Environment; Nurture, Conditioning & Patterns;

Influence of Dominant Models;

Other Growth Stifling Belief Systems

Module Five: Learning & Growth

Learning & Growth: Relevance for personal, organizational and national impact;

Impact of Growth & Agile mindset on organizations: Case Study;

Charting your own path – Shortening the Growth Curve;

Extending Beyond Paper Qualifications;

Gaining Agility, Learning & Growth Mindsets;

Identifying & Drafting Personal Improvement Plans

Module Six: Developing New Growth Habits

The Big Deal about Growth
Fixed Versus Growth Mindsets;

Reframing Techniques for Spectacular Progress;

The Value of Increasing your Curiosity Quotient;

Curiosity and the power of powerful questions

Module Seven: Positioning for the Future

The Power of Self-Awareness- Identifying,
Respecting, Growing & Exploring your innate capabilities;

The Value of Sound Work Ethics;

The Power of Divergent Thinking, Creativity and Innovation;

Leveraging Soft Skills: When Technical Skills Aren’t Enough

Target Audience

New Entrants & Lower-Level Workforce
All interested individuals looking to make impact & climb the career ladder quickly

Course Duration