The rate of change in the world today is unprecedented. These changes are compelling organizational evolution in diverse shapes and forms. Responding, organizations are initiating digital transformation projects and developing new business models amongst others. Overall, several elements are being harnessed in a focused and directed manner.

More importantly, they are driving a need for a different kind of workforce. Why? Because for organizations to win, their workforce must have a different kind of mindset and orientation; they must be ready to approach business challenges from a whole new perspective.
Organizations are therefore requiring a workforce that is innovative, learning agile, growth focused, resilient and with ability to sense, seize and access opportunities.

Discerning organizations are looking to build these capabilities and heighten competency levels in readiness to attend to evolving customer needs and ultimately win in the market place.

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Would you want to have a Team of Associates:

  • Who are willing to learn and are able to learn fast;

  • Who are comfortable with ambiguity & can navigate fast paced business environment;

  • Who can self-lead without expecting to be micro managed;

  • Who are given to a growth and agility rather than a fixed mind set;

  • Who can apply themselves to critical thinking, and given to solving complex business problems;

  • Who can focus effectively on objectives and see tasks through to a logical conclusion;

  • Who are self-aware, confident in their abilities and can play to their strengths;

  • Who are creative, innovative and highly productive?;



  • Articulate the essence of Agile Mindset for the new world of work;

  • Develop Learning Agility for reskilling and upskilling imperatives;

  • Acquire creative and critical thinking skills for flexibility in actions, problem solving and innovation;

  • Develop an agile and growth mind-set for adaptability and change in a disruption;

  • Identify the place and resilience for an uncertain and complex business environment;

  • Identify and break unproductive limiting behavioral patterns;

  • Be an invaluable contributor to the team and to the overall success of the organization

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Olufunke ADIO is an Agile Culture Transformation Architect. A Certified Behavioral Consultant and Management Trainer. International Speaker. Alumnus, Institute of Motivational Living OHIO, USA. HR Coach and Faculty Member, Chartered Institute of Personnel Management Nigeria CIPMN. Member, Learning And Development Network International [LDNI], Advocate for Workplace Psychological Safety and Mental Health/Wellness. Agility and Growth Mindset proponent. Creator of the GO-CALL Model for building Personal Agility, UB-GDP Model for achieving a Growth Mindset and IPBI Model for Leadership Agility.


Olufunke Adio is an Agile Culture Transformation Consultant, a Certified Behavioral Consultant, and Certified Management Trainer. An Agile SCRUM Certified [SFC] Professional, she is a sought-after speaker on Personal and Organizational Agility. A vivid representation of what it means to be Agile and with a strong knack for learning new things quickly, she has spoken on several platforms including the Access Agile and Agile20Reflect Festivals where along with Agilists across the world drove conversations around driving the Agile/Agility agenda. The creator of the GO-CALL Model for building Personal Agility, UB-GDP Model for achieving a Growth Mindset and IPBI Model for Leadership Agility, she continues to speak actively at conferences and events sharing her knowledge and perspectives on the critical themes of Agile and Agility and associated relevance for thriving in a disruptive era.
Having started her career in Tech as an E-learning Executive, she has shared extensively on the concept of Digital Agility across platforms like the Nigerian IT Professionals in Canada [NIPCA], EKO Innovation Centre, the Learning and Development Network International [LDNI] amongst several others.
After leading a team of creatives at the same IT firm and becoming a ‘Digital Buff’, she later delved into Human Resources. With a cumulative work experience of about 20 years across, Consulting, Media and Technology sectors, her HR 15 years of cognitive experience in HR has had her function as a Generalist, a Specialist in Learning and Development and Consultant where she effected HR Audits and Structuring projects for Multi-nationals as well as Indigenous organizations in Nigeria, ascertaining the viability of their HR processes and practices against best practices, professional criteria and compliance.
A member of faculty with several Management Consulting Firms along with Chartered Institute of Personnel Management Nigeria [CIPMN], Olufunke Adio was a co-facilitator in the capacity building intervention in the first ever Virtual Staff Upgrade exercise of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN in 2020.
With a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Ibadan as well as a PGD in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management also from the same university, Olufunke Adio obtained a Professional Diploma in Human Resource Management and is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria [CIPMN].
She obtained a Certification in Behavioral Analysis from the Institute of Motivational Living and People-Keys Ohio, USA; is a Certified Specialist in Emotional Intelligence as well as in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; A John Maxwell Certified Trainer and Speaker [ICAN Maxwell Africa]. She also obtained a certification in Customer Service from the ROCKHURST University Continuing Education Center, Inc. USA.
Olufunke Adio is the author of two books and several published works including some eighty plus articles on themes as Learning Agility, Leadership Agility, Growth Mindset, Developing Resilience, Digital Agility, Building Creativity and Innovation Culture, HR, Transformational Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Productivity and Quality Service Delivery. Some of her papers, ‘SME, HR and the Agile Imperative – A COVID-19 Perspective’ and ‘Driving Agility and Behaviours-The Role of HR and Leadership’ have been featured in CIPM Journal [2021] and CIPM’s People First Magazine [2022] respectively.
A Mental Health Advocate, Olufunke Adio contributes to pushing the Mental Wellness agenda across multiple platforms and actively supports mental health groups, projects and initiatives leading conversations and mindset shifts around Resilience, Productivity and Overall Mental Wellness. She’s also served as mentor with the Inclusivity and employability project of the CIPM and Sight Savers.
Olufunke Adio is the Lead Consultant at Olive and Pearce, a Learning and Agile Culture Transformation company where she assists her clients through, Speaking, Training, Facilitating, Consulting and Coaching.


Module One: Navigating Disruption

  • Disruption as the new normal: Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution!;
  • The emergence of whole new industries and a new world of work!;
  • Adoption and evolution of values, behaviors and capabilities for adaptability;
  • Creativity and resilience with dealing with complexity, uncertainty and change;
  • Fearsome Disruption: Rapid Changes, Multi skilling & frequent obsolescence of skills

Module Two: Wired for Change?

  • How employees are responding to changes;
  • Your Agility disposition and why it matters;
  • How you should be responding to the change and disruption;
  • The role of personality and behavioral patterns in change; DISC Model;
  • Modifying behavior

Module Three: Inspired by AGILE

  • The Age of AGILE;
  • What is an Agile Mindset?;
  • AGILE, Agility & Agile Mindset-Clarifying the difference;
  • Agile Mindset for a Disruptive Era;
  • The imperatives of Agile Practices for today’s organization

Module Four: GROWTH MINDSET [GO-CALL] Framework

  • Fixed Versus Growth Mindsets
  • Growth Re-framing Technique
  • Personal Growth Strategy
  • Going Beyond Potentials
  • Principles of Growth & Personal Development

Module Five: OPPORTUNITIES [GO-CALL] Framework

  • Exploring Opportunities
  • Extending Beyond Paper Qualifications
  • The Value of Sound Work Ethics
  • Adding value to business
  • Elevating the Quality of Work
  • Playing to your Strengths
  • The Power of Self-Awareness
  • The Power of Divergent Thinking
  • Positioning for Opportunities
  • Beyond Technical Skills
  • The Power of Contribution
  • Accessing Work Based Opportunities
  • Trying New Things

Module Six: CURIOSITY [GO-CALL] Framework

  • The Power of Powerful Questions
  • Identifying Business Trends
  • Making Sense of Disruption
  • Knowing Your Industry

Module Seven: ADAPTABILITY [GO-CALL] Framework

  • Getting used to Disruption
  • Historical Dimension of Disruption & Jobs
  • Leveraging Technology
  • Relevance: Upskilling and Reskilling

Module Eight: LEARNING AGILITY [GO-CALL] Framework

  • The value of Learning Agility
  • Learning: Getting it Right
  • Learning Agility Qualities
  • Developing New Growth Habits
  • Pathway to Learning Agility
  • Increasing your Curiosity Quotient
  • Learning Fast

Module Nine: [Breaking] LIMITING MINDSET [GO-CALL] Framework

  • Environments, Nurture, Belief Systems, Conditioning & Patterns
  • Influence of Dominant models
  • Growth STIFLING Belief Systems
  • Modifying Behavior; Breaking ‘Anti-Agility’ Mindset
  • Beyond Behavioral Patterns & Personality

Target Audience

New Entrants & Lower-Level Workforce
All interested individuals looking to make impact & climb the career ladder quickly

Course Duration





CONNECT: [234] 80223071488064203800

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MindSHIFT Agility Series

Personal Agility: Career Growth. Accessing Opportunities.

Course Description

What has Personal Agility got to do with career growth and advancement? Everything! Many professionals readily ascribe challenges in their careers to several other factors other than personal drive, grit and AGILITY. By succumbing to the limiting mindsets around personality and behavioral preferences, many unintentionally miss life-changing, game-shifting opportunities! But is there really a science to growing Personal Agility? What is the real impact of rigid cum fixed mindset on innovation and ability to generate creative results in your line of work? What role does curiosity cum asking the right questions play with respect to seeing, seizing and accessing opportunities in career? What do flexibility and adaptability have to do with leveraging change for progress as opposed to becoming a victim of change in a role?....See details to find out more.
Target Audience: Entry-Level, Mid-Level, Top Leadership, Entire Workforce.

Leadership Agility for a New World of Work

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The demands of modern leadership are very different from those most organizations are used to. Leadership that will produce and live up to the demands of innovation, flexibility, creativity and results for the new world of work has to play by a different set of rules. It is important therefore for leaders to understand what they must do differently in order to make meaningful impact in their roles. Without a doubt, the real impact of globalization, technology, changing demographics and other disruptors on work, worker and workplace is truly and deeply significant. Not acknowledging these disruptors much less determining how to rise to the occasion for change would have serious and long-lasting negative consequences. See Details to find out more.
Target Audience: Supervisors, Mid-Level Leadership, Interested Top-Level Management

Agile Teams

Course Description

Today, the changes in the world and in business is driving a need for a different kind of workforce. Why? Because for organizations to win, their workforce must have a different kind of mindset and orientation. They must be ready to approach business challenges from a whole new perspective. With a workforce that is innovative, learning agile, growth focused, resilient and with ability to sense, seize and access opportunities, organizations will be poised to generate astounding results and outcomes. Harnessing the power of teams is possible only when there are shared values and principles driving norms and behaviors. With more and more organizations rethinking team dynamics and exploring the benefits that come with empowered and collaborative teams, gleaning associated benefits become truly feasible. In order to enable their organizations win in the market place, teams must keenly identify and revere agility traits and culture that make for a high-performing, nimble, learning agile and responsive team.

Target Audience: Entry-Level, Mid-Level, Entire Workforce

Grit & Growth Mindset

Course Description

The rate of change in the world today is unprecedented. These changes are driving aggressively, digital transformations agendas, development of new business models and whole new consumer behaviors and preferences. These disruptions are indeed compelling organizational evolutions in diverse shapes and forms. More importantly, they are driving the need for a different kind of workforce, a workforce that is innovative, solutions focused and resilient. Why? Because navigating layers of disruptions would require a posture of grit and resilience; an orientation and a readiness to grow; to sense and seize opportunities regardless of the shape or form in which they may present themselves. Having a Grit and Growth mindset means that individuals and organizations are able to rise above - even use as 'fuel', the challenges presented by the changing business landscape as opposed to shrinking away and excusing themselves from it. It means seeing the business and associated challenges from a whole new perspective; being comfortable with ambiguity and having the stamina to drive relentless change that truly impacts and transforms both the organization, the people and the customer.
Target Audience: Entry-Level, Mid-Level, Top-Level Management, Entire Workforce

Digital Agility: Leveraging Digital for Business Impact

Course Description

There's no use competing against AI or resisting the disruptive technological tide. Such effort didn’t yield much for those in the first industrial era who resisted and physically attached creators of the steam engine phenomenon an innovation that changed the then world forever.

Since AI would most likely open up other job opportunities than we currently have today, it is important that people within enterprises change their posture to learning and to improvement.

We do not want to become victims of technological disruption. We can position rather to become nimble, gain agility, adaptability and grow new competences that can make you win in the emerging world of work.
Target Audience: Entry-Level, Mid-Level, Top-Level Management, Entire Workforce

Graduate & Management Trainee Agility Activator Program

Course Description

Getting organizations to be ‘fit for purpose’ and ready for future challenges has never been more important than it is today. To stay relevant and as we continue to see, new skills will be required.

According to Mckinsey, 90% of organizations believe they have skill gaps critical for functioning in a disruptive era but only 16% believe that they are fully prepared to fill those gaps. Whilst organizations have made laudable progress in bridging knowledge, attitude and skill gaps especially for new entrants and emerging leaders in the past decades, it is clear that a whole lot more needs to be done in positioning today's workforce in being responsive, adaptive and agile in the face of a disruptive environment.

In the light of the above therefore, business leaders need ensure that their learning and development spend feeds directly to ever evolving strategic directions and objectives of their organizations.

The GRADUATE & MANAGEMENT TRAINEE AGILITY ACTIVATOR PROGRAM has been carefully designed to deliver the most critical adaptive skills essential to winning in today's business environment for both graduate and management training participants.

Target Audience: Graduate & Management Trainees