#1. Do you feel uncomfortable, even fearful of digital technology?
#2. Are you missing out on digital based opportunities because you lack requisite skills?

#3. Are you that person that likes to stay with what you know and find it difficult to learn new things?
#4. Do you want to change this narrative; to take advantage of the current digital revolution to turn your business or professional life around – for good?

–​If your answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes!’ then, you are absolutely in the right place!

You see, I made my first N3Million when several years ago, I created two web portals for an organization. I had just lost my HR lead job and decided to monetize my knowledge in website design and development. Perhaps you already know that the benefits of digital technology is huge! But how can you access the benefits if you do not like to engage with digital especially as an entrepreneur or professional?


Why technology scares the heck out of people and what to do about it

Why some digital skills can be intimidating and how to get past the hurdle quickly
[8] Prevailing mindset that keeps people from gaining digital skills and how to modify such perceptions



Benefits of getting on [quickly] with digital in today’s fast paced world
The biggest skills to have in a digital and disruptive era
Top 10 game changing digital skills required for intending and existing entrepreneurs
Practical Tips to Learning Digital Skills-Fast!
Best places to find free digital courses online





Individual Specific – Mindset SHIFTS. I will help you…

#1. Unravel your dislike for digital technology
#2. Unravel why you hold back on learning digital skills even when the importance is obvious
#3. Equip you with the mindset to acquire any digital skill
#4. Increase your learning agility in order to keep up with rate of change with digital technology
#5. Increase your chances and opportunities for new roles at work

Corporate Specific. I will help you…

#1. Develop Digital orientation skillset for the new world of work
#2. Develop and sustain mindset relevant for Digital Transformation process

Entrepreneurial/Start-ups/SME Specific. I will…

#1. Show you how to increase your digital business opportunities as a entrepreneur
#2. Reveal to you affordable Email Marketing Systems
#3. Reveal to you Free [Commission Based] E-Commerce Solutions

Step-by-step guide on how I set-up my MASTERCLASS Webinar Sales Funnel.
#2. Overview of Digital Marketing with Facebook Ads

Hello! I’m Olufunke Adio – Your Course Instructor

Digital Buff

Teacher, Trainer & Facilitator 

Growth, Learning & Digital Agility Coach
HR Professional & Behavioral Consultant


First Job as E-learning Executive

Website Designer of since 2008 [Designer,; Landing, Sales & Opt-in pages

Web Host Administrator/Domain Registrar

Interactive Application Designer -‘ICM’: Software fitted with games, audio, video, animation, stories and activities and is targeted at a younger demographic.

Graphics Designer since 2004

Copy Writer & Content Creator

Immediate Past Editor: The CASON Leadership Publication 

Author of 2 books & Writer of over 80 Articles on themes as Agility, Learning & Growth Mindset, Digital Agility, HR, Emotional Intelligence, Productivity, Quality Service & Leadership  

Instructional & Curriculum Desigher  
…Helping People EXTEND themselves & EXCEED their Goals

Reach and Ongoing Collaborations

Webinar Testimonials

Testimonials…Experiencing Olufunke Adio’s Work

  • "...The additional slides were great, the message was crisp, your voice was clear. I am looking forward to the full course. Would like to attend the full course!“ Review: Leadership Agility Online Course-Draft

    David Brown
    David BrownPrincipal Analyst, dbrownconsulting & International Consultant, The World Bank
  • Your designs are...Whao! I have been to your landing page and I like what I see. You did all the designs right?! I'd like to learn design from you. Well done.      For: A-Z of Creating your First Online Course

    WilliamsEntrepreneur, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Great and inspiring session. Thanks Olufunke Adio for the opportunity to learn from you. What we learnt tonight is a full course in an MBA program. NIPCA members are thankful, excited and fired up to be their best in all their spheres of influence! Course: Making Exponential Leaps in Work & Career: Gaining Learning Agility & Growth Mindset

    Osita Nwajiufor MBA, CISM, SAP, ITIL, MCTS
    Osita Nwajiufor MBA, CISM, SAP, ITIL, MCTS SAP/Business Transformation Consultant; President, Nigerian IT Professionals in Canada
  • This is a unique product you have released into the Nigerian market. God bless your team as you continue to add value to the development of our great nation. For: ICM Pack with E-learning Interactive Application

  • It was a great session. Olufunke really broke down the differences between growth mindset and fixed mindset, using practical scenarios, as well as its applications in the workplace. Great session. Gaining Learning Agility & Growth Mindset Session

    Chinedu Nwoke
    Chinedu Nwoke Improvement Manager at TreeHouse Foods, Canada
  • I have seen the product and I must say it is a very creative work. I respect creative efforts and I commend you. I hope you will be coming up with other themes aside this. For: ICM Pack with E-learning Interactive Application

    FUNKEHarvesters International Church Lagos, Nigeria

I Have learnt to use Digital Skills before but its so hard!!!

You’re in the right place! Mindset is at the heart of attempting digital skills and dropping off half way through! I can help you change that subconscious disposition. Sign up now!

I am an Employee, looking to leverage digital skills for work or possibly my own business, how will this Masterclass help?

You’re in the right place. This session is designed to be transformational. Aside being exposed to viable digital skills, you will be equipped to acquire the right mindset relevant to learn any digital skill you desire.

I am an Entrepreneur, how do I benefit from this training?

I had you in mind designing this Masterclass. Also this session is designed to be transformational. You will get to know of vital tools, [free and commission based] resources, sources, and relevant skills to drive your business.

Is this Masterclass a live session?

No, it is not. This webinar is a recording of a live webinar. With this recording, you will experience all of the goodness and benefits of the live session.

I am not in Nigeria, will this work for me?

You can choose your payment denomination on our store. Your payment will be received in my local currency [Naira].

Do I need to download any special APP or tool to watch the lessons?

You will need to have a Zoom virtual app installed on your phone or computer. Zoom app is available for free on Googleplay

Can I access this class at anytime?

Yes. You will have a link to the recording of the Masterclass. Chances are you will want to refer to it for critical info.

After I pay, what next?

You’re added to our email list. You will receive Masterclass details shortly after payment.

I am interested, How do I sign up?

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