Without a doubt talent is a key differentiator in today’s world of work. Businesses that have succeeded and do succeed have effective people at different strata of the organization. The reverse scenario is also worthy of note.

Going by the neck breaking speed of change and increasing competitive business environment, it is imperative that businesses stop the propagating of destructive patterns with respect to condoning a workforce that doesn’t do much to move the success narratives of the organization.

Upwork Learning HUB

  • Gaining full grasp of role as manager
  • Understanding your default management style
  • Confidence to move from peer to manager
  • Communicating effectively; Assertively;
  • Building trust and collaboration within team
  • Identifying and embracing opportunities and achieving results with people
  • Achieving results with people
  • Preparing for and managing relentless change
Sample De
  • Identify your individual goals
  • Clarify critical success factors
  • Fast track to effectiveness
  • Managing priorities, recognizing productivity killers and implementing strategies to deal with them
  • Developing an ownership mentality
  • Problem solving for superlative performance
  • The Power of Focus & Personal Resilience
  • Driving Success: Adaptability, Creativity and Flexibility
  • EQ for Team Performance
  • EQ for Service Executives
  • EQ for Interpersonal Relationships
  • EQ and Conflict Management
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
People can learn to behave in new ways by shifting their orientation and thought patterns from basic to extraordinary, from fixed mindset to a growth mindset and systems can move from fixed practices to adaptable.

Our learning interventions are immersive in nature and can significantly shift the orientation and performance of your teams.
Let’s work with you.

  • Productive Manager
  • Productive YOU!
  • Emotional Intelligence