With a business environment that is constantly evolving and where rapid technologically induced change has become the new normal, it is evident that businesses need adopt a certain kind of adaptability cum agility that would enable them anticipate, plan for, respond to and adapt to incremental changes and sudden disruptions in order to survive and prosper.

Agile Culture

Organizations that thrive; attract top talent and surmount the challenges in their operating environments don’t just happen – they’re built.
An organization’s prevailing culture can be either a driving force or an impediment to progress. Too many stories have emerged on how business leaders permit postures and behaviors that jeopardize business outcomes.
Clearly, there are linkages between business performance and a workplace culture that works. Let’s work with you in getting your culture right.
Through a detailed Culture Audit, we help our clients build critical competences and structures that truly matter so they can quickly leverage their talent for achieving and exceeding corporate objectives.


MindSHIFT [Rethink] Series

The time has come for both workforce and management to reskill and retool. Unprecedented change the world over is certainly a major driving force here. Organizational strategies and reviews are shifting from long term to more iterative approach. Innovation and critical thinking is now a toast of the shop floor as opposed to the era where same was domiciled in the top management. Organizational structures are becoming more fluid and flexible, a departure from the widespread hierarchical and bureaucratic system. Leadership is becoming less of command and control and gradually shifting to mentoring and coaching approaches, fostering in the process innovative cultures amongst other benefits.

Agile HR

Many HR professionals are facing innumerable challenges in their organizations especially where navigating the new challenging normal is concerned.
To be sure, many of the challenges being posed by today’s disruptions have no easy answers. It becomes even harder where an organization is largely traditional in orientation and rigid in posture thus making it extremely difficult to respond swiftly to market shifts and changes in their industry. This often presents a great deal of frustration for owners, stakeholders as well as employees who grapple to make sense of why their organization isn’t positioned to actively take on imminent disruptive forces.
With regards to facing head on the challenges now rife in running organizations today, a lot can be derived from AGILE methodologies as practiced by global Tech firms. Principles of Innovation, Lean systems, Speed, Customer collaboration and overall adaptability to change come readily to mind in this regard.
With this as a yard-stick, HR’s work seems clearly cut out with the crucial responsibility of growing and driving Agility focused practices and mindset across their organizations. Let’s work with your team.

Hiring for Agility

For many organizations, being able to respond to disruption in a timely manner has become a strategic edge, question is, how do you source for and acquire talent with strong affinity for curiosity, adaptability, collaboration, creative thinking, learning agility?! How do you keep this caliber of talent coming through the door on a consistent and systematic basis?
Without gain saying, the complex nature of problems emerging in today’s business environment requires a whole new set of capabilities to tackle. Again traditional techniques will not stand the test.

Digital Agility

There’s no use competing against AI or resisting the disruptive technological tide. Such effort didn’t yield much for those in the first industrial era who resisted and physically attached creators of the steam engine phenomenon an innovation that changed the then world forever.
Since AI would most likely open up other job opportunities than we currently have today, it is important that people within enterprises change their posture to learning and to improvement.
We do not want to become victims of technological disruption. We can position rather to become nimble, gain agility, adaptability and grow new competences that can make you win in the emerging world of work.


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