The time has come for both workforce and management to reskill and retool.  Unprecedented change the world over is certainly a major driving force here. Organizational strategies and reviews are shifting from long term to more iterative approach. Innovation and critical thinking is now a toast of the shop floor as opposed to the era where same was domiciled in the top management. Organizational structures are becoming more fluid and flexible, a departure from the widespread hierarchical and bureaucratic system. Leadership is becoming less of command and control and gradually shifting to mentoring and coaching approaches, fostering in the process innovative cultures amongst other benefits.
In order to rise to emerging change; to quickly identity and respond to emerging opportunities; to win and to thrive as opposed to being victims of relentless change, businesses and organizations must begin to think and act differently. New thinking brings about new behaviours.
In an era where underdogs emerge without warning and technological disruptions are the order of the day, we want to join with you in your quest to set up your team for success this year and beyond – starting from where it matters most – Mind-Set. We understand human behaviour and motivation. We’ve helped organizations shift mindsets and win regardless of the times, now its your turn! 

Workforce Agility Transformation Series

  • Agile Mindset for Navigating Disruption
  • Learning Agility for Organizational Growth
  • Workforce Agility
  • Leadership Agility: Leading and Managing Relentless Change
  • Digital Agility: Leveraging Digital for Business Impact
  • Grit & Growth Mindset
  • Fostering Critical thinking, Creativity & Innovation Culture
Agile Mindset for Navigating Disruption  Course Description
    • Why do people fail to access opportunities even where opportunities exist?
    • Why do employees miss much desired promotion time and time again?
    • Why do people fail to extend themselves and learn new skills even where advancement in their career depend on it?
    • Some people find it convenient to give reasons why they cannot make real progress in their jobs:
    • “I can’t learn new skills”;
    • “I’m too old to learn new skills?
    • “This is the only job I know to do; it’s too late to learn anything new”
It is a fact that Artificial Intelligence [AI] I will take away between 14-46% of jobs in years to come. The US Tech giants and emerging start-ups are relentless in pushing the AI agenda. With AI, efficiency is exponentially improved for less. With all indications, the gains will far out way any cons we may know. Probable potential impact will be the loss of certain kind of jobs. Implication of this reality is that people would perhaps need to learn new skills, upskill in existing domains or take on whole new careers entirely. For many this is a scary proposition but it ought not to be so.
    Focus Areas
Where we are today
  • Disruption is the new normal: Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution!
  • Scope of Disruption: Barely any industry untouched by disruption
  • The emergence of whole new industries and a new world of work!
  • Fearsome Disruption: Rapid Changes, Multi skilling & frequent obsolescence of skills
  • Learning & Growth: Relevance for personal, organizational and national impact
  • Impact of Growth & Agility mindset on organizations: Case Study
Inspired by AGILE
  • What is an Agile Mindset?
  • The Age of AGILE
  • AGILE, Agility & Agile Mindset-Clarifying the difference
  • Agile Mindset for a Disruptive Era
  • The imperatives of Agile Practices for today's organization
  • Learning & Growth: the core of AGILE
Identifying & Modifying Limiting Mindsets
  • Environment; Nurture, Conditioning & Patterns
  • Influence of Dominant Models
  • Other Growth Stifling Belief Systems
Positioning for the future
  • The Power of Self-Awareness- Identifying, Respecting, Growing & Exploring your innate capabilities
  • The Value of Sound Work Ethics
  • The Power of Divergent Thinking: Positioning for Opportunities
  • Soft Skills: When Technical Skills Aren’t Enough
Target Audience: Entry-Level, Mid-Level, Top Leadership, Entire Workforce
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Learning Agility for Organizational Growth Course Description In the modern landscape, an organization faces unique set of challenges due to increasingly ambiguous, complex, volatile and uncertain market conditions. The mammoth pace of change, disruptions and innovations are the new normal are compelling a fast- changing job requirements and demographic profile of the workforce. This presents enormous challenges e.g. with strategy design requiring a more adaptable approach accompanied by strategic redirections, goals realignments, implication is that skills become quickly obsolete, upskilling and/or the bringing new skills to the fore become highly imperative. On account of this ongoing complexity and dynamism of work, Learning Agility has become one of the most desired competencies for both new recruits as well as existing employees. For a business that desires consistent growth, the need of the hour therefore is to have a workforce who are more than willing to learn new skills at an accelerated pace while unlearning the old skills that are either already irrelevant or will become obsolete soon.
  • Focus Areas
  • The Normalization of Disruption
  • Learning Agility. What is it?
  • Importance of a Learning Agile Workforce for Organizations
  • Identifying Roadblocks to learning Agility
  • Learning Agility across Industries
  • Growing and Driving Learning Agility
Growing and Driving Learning Agility.... Individual Domain: Organizational benefits are drivable where individuals are capable of foreseeing change and adapting to it before their peers. People who are Learning Agile are comfortable with change. In-fact they look forward to it.
  • Personal Mastery
  • Curiosity/Inquisitiveness
  • Open Mindedness
  • Disposition to change
  • Continuous learning
  • Growth versus Fixed Mindset
Team domain
  • Teams should be willing to work out what particular change could be required
  • Push for people who readily validate their ideas with others
  • Workforce should be open about having honest debate, frank and fair discussions
  • Big on Collaboration
  • Creative hubs. The AGILE Example Retrospectives, Customer focus…..
Target Audience: Entry-Level, Mid-Level Leadership, Top-Level Management, Entire Workforce Full brochure available on Request

Workforce Agility

    Course Description

When a company faces a major disruption in its markets—one that could fundamentally change the business—the way its managers perceive the disruption influences how they describe it to the rest of the organization, how they organize the response, how they allocate resources and ultimately how well the business fares.

A workforce that is unable to promptly address business challenges today implies that business is left unguarded and exposed to the weight of relentless disruptive forces largely because employees are significantly irresponsive on account of rigid and unpliable mindsets.

This course is designed to help individuals and teams gain the orientation and posture required to succeed in a rapidly changing environment hence making success predictable.

  • Focus Areas

Disruptions & the New Normal

        • The Real Issue with Disruption
        • Agility as a Panacea for Success in a Disruption
        • Why Build an Agile Workforce?
        • What does an Agile Workforce Look like?
        • A 4-Point Approach for Building Workforce Agility

Starting with HR:

        • Ascertaining HRs’ disposition to change & Upskilling
        • Determine Learning Agility & Assessments
        • Curiosity Quotient to understand varied factors affecting the business.

Empowering Existing Workforce:

        • Ascertain disposition to learning, change, growth, understanding business landscape and associated complexities.
        • Flexibility: Determining disposition to having honest debate, frank and fair discussions
        • Value for new ideas; Readily recognize when change is necessary?
        • Solution Providers: Ascertain willingness to work out what particular change could be required

 Facilitating Executive Coaching:

      • Unraveling historical disposition to new ideas and/or concepts?
      • Disposition to other people’s ideas?
      • Learning agility: Are they sufficiently curious?
      • Ascertaining next level Agility
    Target Audience: Entry-Level, Mid-Level, Entire Workforce
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Leadership Agility: Leading and Managing Relentless Change
    Course Description
The need to foster collaboration, drive innovative thinking, instigate adaptability and agile mindsets are now more important than ever. Long gone are the days when leaders emerge in organizations solely on account of their technical competences and without consideration for critical leadership competences. In settings as these, Senior Business leaders are often shocked to find that such leader fail to deliver real leadership to their teams seeing that their team’s output consistently dwindle within a short span of time. Our course is designed to transform leaders from ‘Barely there’ and sometimes even from ‘Destructive’ tendencies to being ‘Transformational’, tooling them with leadership essentials to lead and thrive in today’s complex environment.
    Focus Areas
    Leadership Agility Imperatives
  • Providing stability, project a clear strategy and quickly correct course where necessary;
  • Identifying prevailing and game shifting patterns in your industry;
  • Making quick but decisive decisions;
  • Growing agile capabilities;
  • Driving change;
  • Fostering an innovative culture; throughout the entire organization and;
  • Growing resilience and prepare to navigate the enterprise through future crises.
Assessing & Developing Leadership Agility
  • Levels of leadership Agility - Inspiration from Bill Joiner
  • 3 Domains of Leadership Agility
  Intra-Personal Mastery
  • Intra Personal Mastery: Ascertaining your personal Agility Quotient
  • Self-Awareness [KCG EQ Model]
  • Personal agility assessment: Ascertaining your personal Agility Quotient
  • Your response quotient to change or the idea of it [response-ability]
  • Your learning agility quotient
  • Embracing Opportunities
  • Execution quotient
  • Building Personal Agility Capabilities
Leading People & Teams
  • What is your leadership style & why does it matter, the DISC leadership styles
  • 360 degrees assessment
  • Expertise standpoint
  • Activator standpoint
  • Catalyst standpoint
  • Team Leadership Agility & Resilience
Business, Organizational Excellence & Culture
  • Business context
  • Industry context
Target Audience: Supervisors, Mid-Level Leadership, Top-Level Management
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Grit & Growth Mindset

    Course Description

The rate of change in the world today is unprecedented. From digital transformation to development of new business models. These changes are compelling organizational evolution in diverse shapes and forms. More importantly, they are driving a need for a different kind of workforce, a workforce that is innovative, solution and result focused. For organizations to win, their workforce must have a different kind of mindset and orientation, they must be ready to approach business challenges from a whole new perspective. To achieve this, several elements must be harnessed in a focused and directed manner. Foremost is the need to build relevant capabilities vis-à-vis Attitude, heightening competency levels and a readiness and posture to attend to evolving customer needs.

Focus Areas


      • Disruptions & Change: The world has changed. Have you noticed?
      • Pervasive Technological Disruption
      • The new Work, Worker and Workplace
      • Why I created this Masterclass

Thriving in the 4th Industrial Revolution

      • Multiskilling and Growth Mindset
      • Growth Mindset and value creation; Making the vital connection
      • Portrait of the New Entrepreneur; Employer and Employee
      • Exploring the new skill-set bouquet
      • Disruptive domains - Ascertaining what employers are looking for

What is Growth Mindset?

      • The Big deal about Growth Mindset
      • Growth Mindset Nature or Nurture?
      • The cheapest path to success
      • Leverage emerging opportunities, Accessing existing opportunities
      • Components of Growth Mindset:
      • Learning Agility, Curiosity Quotient, Feedback Management etc.

Issues with Growth

      • Fearsome disruption & Popular responses
      • Unravelling Growth Inhibiting Factors - Environment; Nurture, Conditioning & Patterns, Influence of Dominant Models.
      • Other Growth Stifling Belief Systems
      • Understanding the power of Behavioral patterns and growth
      • Circumventing the issues

Developing New Growth Habits

      • Articulating your personal Growth Strategy
      • Stretch: it is ok to stretch
      • Prioritizing learning - Charting your own path & Shortening the Growth Curve
      • Extending Beyond Paper Qualifications
Target Audience: Entry-Level, Mid-Level, Top-Level Management, Entire Workforce
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Digital Agility: Leveraging Digital for Business Impact
    Course Description

There's no use competing against AI or resisting the disruptive technological tide. Such effort didn’t yield much for those in the first industrial era who resisted and physically attached creators of the steam engine phenomenon an innovation that changed the then world forever.

Since AI would most likely open up other job opportunities than we currently have today, it is important that people within enterprises change their posture to learning and to improvement.

We do not want to become victims of technological disruption. We can position rather to become nimble, gain agility, adaptability and grow new competences that can make you win in the emerging world of work.
  • Focus Areas
  • Unravelling your digital quotient
  • The biggest skills to have in a digital and disruptive era
  • The importance of learning, unlearning and re-learning
  • Why technology scares the heck out of people and what to do about it
  • Prevailing mindset that keep people from gaining digital skills and how to modify such perceptions
  • 3 mega hacks to getting quick results from your digital space
  • Main benefits of digital
  • Increasing business productivity. 
  • Gaining a most critical competitive edge. 
  • Providing new ways of working. 
  • Increasing revenue 
  • Building customer relationships
  • Accessing new product lines
  • Serving whole new markets
Target Audience: Entry-Level, Mid-Level, Top-Level Management, Entire Workforce
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Fostering Critical thinking, Creativity & Innovation Culture Course Description

Every enterprise needs to innovate in order to survive. But as they grow larger, new ideas and agile processes tend to find less expression. With disruptions across industries, avalanche of Fin-techs, Artificial Intelligence, retail apocalypse, talent wars etc., organizations are in a flux and are looking to know how to out-think, out-innovate and outmaneuver disruptive threats and competitors. They want to understand what disrupted companies failed to understand in good time.

In order to capitalize on innovation opportunities, enterprises need to leverage their available assets quickly and effectively. Doing so calls for senior management to take responsibility for being transformation-oriented and enabling the conditions that allow innovation leaders to thrive. Achieving this all important goal is at the very heart of this course.

  • Focus Areas
Innovation: The Game changer in a disruptive era
  • The Era of Innovation
  • The 10 most innovative companies
  • Why Innovators Innovate
  • Innovators across industry domains
  • Key Characteristics of Innovators
  • Why we aren't innovating?
Stages in innovation
  • Dimensions of innovation
  • Benefits of strategy innovation
  • Drivers of Innovation
  • Diverse forms of Innovation
  • Value creation and Innovation as a moving target
Building a Culture of Innovation
  • Case for building a culture of Innovation
  • Big innovation hacks
  • Identifying innovation killers
  • Barriers to innovation
  • Correcting Action
  • Big innovation hacks
Target Audience: Entry-Level, Mid-Level, Top-Level Management, Entire Workforce
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You Absolutely Need these Courses if you want…

A team of associates who consistently produce results, meet and surpass business expectations;

A team that's given to a growth and agility rather than a fixed mind set;

A team that is responsive to change, can extend themselves, stretch and achieve bigger;

A team that takes initiative and are self-motivated;

A team that can focus effectively on objectives and see tasks through to a logical conclusion;
A team that is self-aware, confident in their abilities and can play to their strengths;

A team that is willing to learn and are able to learn fast;

A team that that can identify and break unproductive limiting behavioral patterns;

A team that can acquire creative and critical thinking skills for flexibility in actions, innovation and solving business problems;

A team with an agile and growth mind-set for adaptability and change in a disruption;

A team that can self-lead without expecting to be micro managed;
A team that generates results as opposed to lack luster, 'almost there' and less than average results;

Hello! I’m Olufunke Adio – Your Course Instructor

Olufunke ADIO
Helps individuals, teams and businesses extend themselves, produce more & EXCEED their goals.

She does these through, Speaking, Training, Facilitating, Consulting and Coaching. 

Known for her timely and flawless execution;
Respected for her exceptional work ethics;
Regardless of task, job or project, platform or scope, she simply delivers;
Has held roles as E-learning Executive, Store Manager, General Manager, Sales Manager, Training Manager, HR Manager across IT, Media and Consulting sectors; 
Highly result oriented;
Employed with four organizations;
After exit, was recalled and extended new offers by all four organizations.

Obtained a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Ibadan; 
PGD in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from the University of Ibadan;
Certified Management Trainer [CMD];
Certified Human Resource Professional;
Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria [CIPM];
Certified Behavioral Consultant [DISC] from the Institute of Motivational Living and People-Keys Ohio, USA;
Certified Emotional Intelligence Specialist;
Certified John Maxwell Leadership Trainer;
Certified Customer Service Professional from the ROCKHURST University Continuing Education Center, Inc. USA.
Enthusiast: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Writer of over eighty articles around themes as Agility, HR, Emotional Intelligence, Productivity, Quality Service & Leadership;
Author: ‘A Little Girl Inspires’;
Creator: ‘I CAN MEMORIZE!’ Interactive Resource pack for children ages 1-10. 
Previous Editor of leadership focused publication ‘The CASON’;
Designer by nature;
Graphics designer since 2006;
Web host, Domain name registrant, Web designer since 2006;
Web developer/designer, landing pages, opt-in pages at;

With an impressive capacity for growth and improvement, Olufunke Adio relentlessly drives the idea of continuous learning through all of her learning interventions instigating her audiences to extend themselves and maximize opportunities by adopting a resilient and growth mindset. She is in high demand in speaking to and addressing teams on Personal and Business Agility, High Performance and other Productivity related themes.

Olufunke Adio was a co-facilitator on the capacity building intervention delivered in the first ever Virtual Staff Upgrade exercise of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN. 

Testimonials…Experiencing Olufunke Adio’s Work

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    David Brown
    David BrownPrincipal Analyst, dbrownconsulting & International Consultant, The World Bank
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  • Great and inspiring session. Thanks Olufunke Adio for the opportunity to learn from you. What we learnt tonight is a full course in an MBA program. NIPCA members are thankful, excited and fired up to be their best in all their spheres of influence! Course: Making Exponential Leaps in Work & Career: Gaining Learning Agility & Growth Mindset

    Osita Nwajiufor MBA, CISM, SAP, ITIL, MCTS
    Osita Nwajiufor MBA, CISM, SAP, ITIL, MCTS SAP/Business Transformation Consultant; President, Nigerian IT Professionals in Canada
  • This is a unique product you have released into the Nigerian market. God bless your team as you continue to add value to the development of our great nation. For: ICM Pack with E-learning Interactive Application

  • It was a great session. Olufunke really broke down the differences between growth mindset and fixed mindset, using practical scenarios, as well as its applications in the workplace. Great session. Gaining Learning Agility & Growth Mindset Session

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    Chinedu Nwoke Improvement Manager at TreeHouse Foods, Canada
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